FM Program “Registry”

The overall goal of the registry is to continue to develop FM academic programs globally, increase the number of FM graduates and supply the RM industry with qualified resources.


The Facility Management Program Registry is an IFMA Foundation website designed to recognize all facility management (FM), built environment (BE) and related discipline (RD) degreed and certificate programs worldwide. This registry will allow interested IFMA Chapters, Councils, current ADP’s, IFMA members, IFMA Friends, other related FM organizations, students, hiring organizations, etc. to conduct web searches, locate globally all FM, BE and RD programs. Categorize each institution by region, by discipline strength, and degree level. Use this registry as a launching mechanism to strengthen the ADP, Credentials and all other IFMA Family related student and academic programs.

The value to FM academic programs will be:

  • Global recognition of the program
  • Connection to the FMAC, IFMA Foundation and IFMA
  • Recognition of the program in a broader field
  • Potential Student awareness
  • Potential Job Employer awareness

The Benefits:

  • More awareness of the program globally
  • Possible articulation between institutions
  • Increase number of students interested in the program
  • Interest from possible employers of the students
  • Receive a FMAC Registry Certificate
  • Become a member of the FM Ed Sig
  • Have an Education status with the IFMA Family
  • Develop student chapter, and other student offerings.
  • Recognized in the IFMA, IFMA Foundation and FMAC’s websites
  • A “registry” booth at each IFMA event (World Workplace, Facility Fusion, etc.)