FM Academic Registry Guidelines

Following are the criteria & guidelines for those Facility Management and Built Environment programs in determining acceptance into the FM Academic Registry.

  1. IFMA Foundation – FMAC Accredited Degree Program (ADP): fully or provisionally accredited program.
    1. In good standing with the FMAC
    2. Degree specific
  2. IFMA Foundation – FMAC ADP Ready: program meets all of the FMAC ADP requirements.
    1. Either waiting to become and ADP or not ready to commit
    2. New program
    3. Other reason
    4. Degree is identified
  3. Developing into an IFMA Foundation – FMAC ADP Program: newly developed or just developing into an FM program
    1. Seeking FMAC mentorship
    2. Advisory committee is established and moving towards ADP status
    3. Seeking students and those interested in becoming involved.
    4. Degree is identified
  1. Teaching some IFMA core competencies in courses: Not to an ADP level of meeting FMAC Guidelines.
    1. Teaching less than 5 Core Competencies. Very light level version of the Core Competencies.
    2. Teaching the IFMA FMP modules
    3. No Degree in FM – Certificate level
    4. Essentials – FMP – FM Credentials / Certificate.
  2. Built Environment – FM and related Courses: An interest in FM
    1. Architecture, design, construction management, HVAC, Human Factors, engineering, Real Estate, etc. focused courses
    2. FM minor with a degree in something else
    3. No not teach to the 11 IFMA core competencies
    4. No certificate or credentials.

If you qualify in any of the above levels, please submit you’re filled out application for review and approval. Once approved you will be notified and added to the FM Academic Registry.